My husband and I slept under the stars last night.  No reason other than we wanted to unplug for a little while.  It was the perfect, camping-trip get-away… even though it was only minutes away from our house.  🙂


My Little Bits of Happy

Sooooo, this blog address is going to stay the same… but I’m changing up the title / theme.

This side blog of mine still will be all about photography and my learning how to use my new camera.  However, that being said, the main focus is going to reflect my very own happiness project.

I was inspired to do this as I ate breakfast this morning.  I was sitting in my stuffy kitchen, when I looked outside and noticed just how fresh my outdoor deck looked.  There was a summer breeze out there.  Birds were singing.  And I was inside! 

I want to motivate myself to make sure that I get outside and have those simple moments of fresh air.  I want to make sure I take the time to appreciate the things that make me smile.  So this will remain my photography blog… but things will look a tiny bit different in the near future.

Hang on!  🙂